Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Worried this is about to be censored, so back up....

Update at bottom:

I am aware that my good friend Anna, aka Awcase was kicked off of Yuwie Radio for mentioning in passing another site during her show? (That is something that some show hosts do, even every day they are on the air) Anna has always complied with the rules, and would have taken a warning, or smack on the hand, anything, but THIS??? EVEN IF she doesn't want to return to Yuwie Radio, please please give her a chance to come back. You DON"T want to lose a person like this. I have come to know her well, and is one of my best friends. She is crushed by this, and its truly, incredibly wrong, especially since its not consistent with the lack of action on many other show hosts. I KNOW many other hosts that are always plugging other sites.

I am making this blog to create awareness of this atrocity, and give a chance for people to air their concerns on both sides. Maybe you know of some horrible thing she has done that I do not? I am open to hear it. Truth be told, we ALL know better.

THE TRUTH ABOUT ANNA: Anna is the kind of person that you want by your side, as a friend, or family member. I have gotten to know her fairly well over the last two years, along with many others on Yuwie Radio. She is a wonderful mother, and wife, and is commited to her family no matter what. She forgives all, even when wronged, and would rather things be forgiven and move on than to keep grudges. She is always honest, and a person of integrity and character. She loves everyone, and is kind to all. This is not an exaggeration, but just the honest truth. If you have spent any amount of time with her at all, you know this is true.

This is what happens when certain people are allowed in charge, that seem to have some kind of agenda. IF this was just about "keeping with the rules of Yuwie Radio" then many other show hosts would be gone, and they are not. Korry, please, this is immoral. Don't allow the crushing of Anna's spirit for doing nothing wrong. Give her a warning, maybe, but also make those you put in charge, immediately remove the other show hosts that have commercials, plug other sites, and even sell yuwie merchandise on other sites, etc. We know for a fact, that she has been incredibly kind to those that have even tried to take advantage of her in the past, and spread rumors, etc.. Don't do such a good person wrong.

Since this has happened, and so many people are so upset over it, I find it interesting what has occurred. Now it seems that no one is taking any "responsibility" for this. They are claiming ignorance, and that the yuwie manager is even supporting of her and wishes her well. IF this were true, then why as Yuwie Manager not just reinstate Anna? OR, why not "fire" the other show hosts that have actually broken the rules of Yuwie Radio? Why not give her a warning, as you KNOW she would be first to comply and be sorry for any wrongs she has done? To be influenced against SUCH a GOOD person, shows the kind of influence Korry allows on this site. It actually seems incredibly evil to me, because of the sheer irony of the person they just dumped WHILE she was airing her show! Keep in mind, Anna loves Yuwie, Yuwie Radio, and the opportunity to give to the site and people here. She is a giver. She also is a VERY busy mother of 3 school aged children, works a LOT, often through the night, only to come and air her show on Yuwie. She has had to miss in the past, when helping out her family with problems, but always has something going even if she is gone.

There should be a literal uproar on Yuwie over this. We DO know that Superman's show was on, the minute Anna was kicked off the air, and also that at least Marilyn Monroe was in there supporting him. Neither of them were there supporting Anna during her own show. I don't know all that has been going on behind the scenes, but I do know what I do know. Anna should not be so specifically targeted like this. A Yuwie Radio manager, can reinstate Anna on Yuwie radio if they do not. Instead, they seem to be blaming Korry , aka Yguy for this. He is at the top, and picks those that serve under him. Where is the board members in uproar, where is her influential upline when she needs him? They are shrugging their shoulders, saying she must have done something wrong, while they support those that do way worse. That old cliche term, "shame on you!" is VERY fitting for now. I feel horrible I Had to be gone for the last couple of days, but i was gone on a fishing trip for my son's birthday. Speak up if you care for good at all. So far, I have seen a few, but others nothing forthcoming. You are either for this, or against this. Can we at least get a radio manager that knows why a radio show host loses their show while on air, and who is responsible? This is utterly ridiculous Korry, and you needed to know they are blaming you now...if not you, who? Superman, reinstate her as you are Yuwie Radio manager, are you not?

Anyway, I know some people have left Yuwie over much lately,and more have left over this specifically. I am so glad that at least there is ONE that knows all, and sees all and Anna, you and so many others know the truth. You can rest easy, knowing that if people would do this to you, that you wouldn't want anything to do with them or their site. They shoot themselves in the foot. To those mad that people are making blogs about it, what else do we have but to appeal to any good in people and share the truth? WHO IS YUWIE RADIO? Who is at the helm? Anna, do you really want that anyway?

Glaring inconsistencies and actions that actually shed truth and light on things... We can see it all. Anna, you are an awesome person, truth and goodness always wins in the end. People that use power to hurt good people like you, aren't worth a second thought. You have true character and integrity, and a strength in your spirit that I don't see very often. I am so proud to call you a friend, and I will always always back you. (unless you should ever do something like this to someone else. ) I was so upset since I heard this,and all I could do is pray for you, as I was gone. I was crying, because I know what your show means to you, and how much you have grown from it, etc etc etc. There is much more than meets the eye....but you know this too. :)

Big big big hugs Anna, you are a forever kind of friend. Ocean

Update: Superman told everyone in his show last night, that Anna did it to herself on last Thursdays show. He said that she allowed people to bash Yuwie in her show, and didn't say much else. That is also a lie, and Anna doesn't allow Yuwie Bashing in her show. So now there are two reasons that are both lies, that are given for removing Anna, stabbing her in the back. The people there that support this kind of person, are not friends I want to have. Anna gave so much to Yuwie and Yuwie Radio, and is allowed to be treated so evil. I just wanted to share the latest. Why do you support this crap if you do? Tired of the evil alllowed on Yuwie, and the elevation and exaltation of those that perpetrate it. If you do not support it, thank you for doing your part. It means more than you know.

Anna still isn't reinstated to Yuwie Radio and there is no reason she is gone, except that there may be some vendetta being exacted upon her. She is being punished for doing nothing wrong,perhaps for not "liking" and "supporting" the right people.

Anna, you know the truth, and can rest easy. I do not take lightly the hurting of an innocent person. I am done with being a part of any of that. One other positive thing, is that now anyone that wonders if what I and others have been saying about that particular clique on Yuwie, and Yuwie radio is true or not... well you can see that all that has been said is true. We were never making things up, this while thing goes in line with the truth we have come to see about these people. They stand by in silence while this one sweet person was thrown under the bus, railroaded and hurt. This is exactly what we have seen, and it cannot be made up. I have said time and again, NEVER to take my word for anything, but just to trust your own eyes, conscience and heart. Just because someone may be nice to YOU, doesn't mean they are a kind person to all, or a person that is a decent person. Anyone can be nice and pleasant with the people they automatically want to. Its how you treat ALL people. Anna IS the best about this with all, by the way, a person to look up to, a light shining in a dark place. So I guess she had to go from here. Now many people are being censored left and right. Its like things have gone even more crazy, almost maniacal at best. So many, on the wrong side,and they are so selfish to not step up. Wow am I proud of those that take a stand for Anna, more than even before. :) You so rock.

update on March 24, 2010, on Anna's situation and the reponse of Yuwie and friends and Radio, etc. :

Two blogs have been deleted ABOUT Anna's plight, not written by Anna, but by friends and concerned bystanders. The first one that I know of that has been deleted was a blog about having a petition to reinstate Anna on Yuwie Radio, since she did nothing wrong, as seen and this has not been contested by those that did it to her. The other blog was written by her dear friend Spiritwind, and that blog has also been deleted. Why? Korry allows censorship on Yuwie, that is why. He allows people in power that do things that hurt innocent people, that deal with any response by just shutting them up. No one still really knows who dumped Anna for no reason or why. Likely, this is such an embarrassment on Yuwie, that they are doing their current cover up campaign of shutting people up, and engaging in lots of new "fun things", things that distract from such things as hurting TRULY innocent people. They know they are in the wrong, and don't want to do right, so this is why they must cover up. (if not why not allow the blogs sharing what happened to anna?) As far as this not being a FUN topic, and negative, well THIS IS just a negative thing, being perpetrated onto others. Anna, nor myself, nor any of us did that part. If you were robbed, and you called the police, what would you think of your neighbors saying, "you are so negative, cant you just focus on more fun things? What is it, a full moon?" No, you would undertand they have experienced a wrong, and hope for a better neighborhood for all. You may even ask how you could help, as opposed to waiting till the same happened to you, THEN caring about it. OR, you would not suggest maybe they deserved to be robbed, etc. I wanted to also mention, on the blog that was petitioning Anna to come back, that user kept asking Yuwie what they did, to show him, tell him exactly how he had broken the TOS. Yuwie was unable and unwilling to ever answer those questions. Very odd, no?

TO protest this other members have quit Yuwie, Stealthlight is one, aka Clif Desmond, also Babygirl,because they are tired,and felt like staying somehow supported a place that support such things. (in part, they may have more reasons.) As you know many more have quit as well, for their own reasons, people that have been here longer than I have, like Criss, from Romania, and Eleanor, etc, many more too.

To anyone wondering why I don't support a particular tight knit group on Yuwie Radio, THIS Is why. Things LIKE these,have been going on for a long time, but this thing with Anna is the straw that broke the camel's back for me and many,as Anna was and still is truly innocent. You will be told I am lying, but those that would lie about me in such ways, have done so before. I cannot support such evil activity among people,and pretend that they are still great people that have done nothing wrong. ALSO, I will not support those that that DO support such types. I am not the only one, thus you see what might be termed one of a few "factions" on Yuwie. I have seen more sides than one of these people. I know too much, as does Anna, so she had to go. True colors come shining through again.

The GOOD NEWS!! Anna's radio show is still growing strong on other networks, and her viewership is still very strong and growing. Many of them very true friends, that know the truth and support her no matter how many may stand for hurting her.

Censorship is wrong, hurting people is wrong, hurting innocent people is even more wrong. You all can see the sides on this in Yuwie and the Radio. One last thing, its not my fault, that Korry and Yuwie Radio (Superman) does these things, and to expect people that speak up against such things to be quiet, is just another "evil". Thank you for reading this blog.